Secure storage

Currently, the service Secure storage of cargo nomenclature appears in the following cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Crimea, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar.

The service is responsible storage of goods nomenclature.

The company provides comprehensive services SZTKom custody. Our specialists provide the whole supply chain inventory items from address to address. Services form the basis of loading and unloading operations, inventory and equipment nomenclature, address storage and other warehouse operations.

  • Integrated storage service
  • Service on warehouse processing of cargo
  • Distribution of cargo flows
  • Individual approach to each client

Warehouses category B.

  • Large storage area and around it;
  • convenient access roads;
  • the ability to store loads of different nomenclature;
  • favorable location in terms of the distribution of traffic;
  • modern warehousing equipment.

The Service includes

  • Secure storage,
  • loading and unloading,
  • sorting of cargo at the reception
  • palletizing.

As well as:

  • Order pickers (pallet, boxed, the piece);
  • Pre-delivery of goods (weighing, additional markings);
  • Shipping and forwarding individual consignees and retailers;
  • delivery at the client;
  • cross-docking *;
  • tracking of goods on terms of admission / dispatch date and production (FIFO, LIFO);
  • Preparation and delivery of supporting documents;
  • Work with marriage, return;
  • Provide standard or custom reports on request;
  • cargo insurance;
  • inventory.

Why is it useful?

  1. Because it will reduce the consumer cost of your product through the acquisition of transport and logistics and warehousing services in the complex. Transportation, storage, distribution, packaging and other warehouse operations will cost you in the end cheaper.
  2. Because it will help save time. You do not have to deal with issues by sorting and packaging of the goods, to control the processes of loading and unloading, build plans and schedules transportation and order operations - custodial services means this set of services.

Our advantages

  • A universal fleet. You can quickly implement sending across Russia at any time.
  • Guarantees safety - remote surveillance systems, protected area, the awareness about the stages of logistics operations.
  • Ordering is possible from any city.
  • Many years of experience with different types of cargo and a lot of customers.

Cross-docking occurs in one or two stages:

  • one-stage cross-docking - cargo passes through the warehouse as a single unchanging order;
  • two-step cross-docking - shipped a consignment is subject to re-registration, and the goods in the warehouse can be divided into groups.

Storage of goods in a warehouse in both cases completely eliminated.

The advantages of cross docking include:

  • faster delivery of products to the destination;
  • reduction of storage space and reduce the cost of paying the rent warehouses and labor personnel.

Optimal for cross-docking are goods with high demand and a significant amount of transport: consumer goods, are in constant demand; perishable goods; high quality goods; products for promotional activities.

As a rule, are widely used in distribution centers retailers.

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